4 Flavour Variety Pack-Vegan


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4 Flavour Variety Pack-Vegan

The 4 Flavour Variety Pack-Vegan is here for you! This multi flavour pack allows you to try four different Urban hippie granolas while remaining nutritiously healthy at the same time!

Can’t decide what flavour you’d like to try? Looking for a healthy kickstart to your day? Here’s the 4 pack of vegan granola that’ll satisfy those needs. Vivacious Vegan” and Canadian Maple” offer a healthy and flavourful option. “No Sugar but You So Sweet” is free of any added sugars so you can add your own sweetener or keep it plain. And finally, Fruit and Seed” mix keeps your tummy full throughout the day.

I love variety packs like these because they allow me to try out the different flavours and develop a preference toward a specific type. As a result, the next time I make a purchase I will be able to buy my favourite kinds! It’s also nice to interchange the types on the different meals I have throughout the day. I live with a few granola lovers in the house. This pack lets us test out these vegan granola flavours together with no worry about running out!

Here at Urban Hippie, we love to use different granolas in our recipes. With this four-pack vegan granola, you’ll be able to try out many different types of recipes to find your perfect flavour! We recommend you check out our Apple crumble recipe that puts your vegan granola to use. This dish allows you to add in your favourite Urban Hippie Granola to create the perfect crumble!

We recommend combining different flavours together to get a different taste in every meal!

If you prefer trying out a specific flavour instead of buying the 4 Flavour Variety Pack-Vegan, check out all the other granolas that we offer at Urban Hippe. Click here to take a look at all of our products!

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