4 Pack- Simply Sweet Granola


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4 Pack- Simply Sweet Granola

This 4 Pack- Simply Sweet Granola is the perfect addition to your daily breakfast. With its perfectly simple taste, you can add this to anything for a great start to your day!

For those of you who like your granola and cereals more on the plain side or aren’t huge fans of dried fruits and seeds, then this healthy granola is for you! Simply Sweet Granola is like the name says, it’s simple and sweet with great crunchy texture! Just add your favorite yogurt or milk or eat it as is!

I love to add this healthy granola into my homemade trail mix! It’s great because it adds a little sweetness to the nutritious nuts and seeds I mix in. Then I will separately add in some dried cranberries and dark chocolate to bring out all the naturally sweet flavors! Click here to see all the different healthy seeds and dried berries we offer to help you make your own custom trail mix!

Our company likes to add Urban Hippie granolas to all sorts of recipes, simply changing up your daily meals while bringing in new flavors. For instance, we recommend you try our Sweet Potato Casserole Recipe that uses pecans and the Simply Sweet Granola to add a little crunch. Experimenting with healthy granolas like this can mix things up in the kitchen. This makes it easier to stay motivated and continue trying new things in a healthy lifestyle!

This 4 Pack- Simply Sweet granola is egg-free, dairy-free, sulphite-free, soy-free, and school-approved! It’s the perfect snack for road trips, hiking, or any on the move activity. Above all, we hope you enjoy it and be creative!

Product size and Weight:

– Single bags are 300g
– 4 packs come with four (4) 300g bags – a total of 1.2kg

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