“Urban Hippie has become quite popular as it is handmade in small batches. Each bag is made with love and care, so you can get the most out of the granola.”
The Chamber - Greater Kingston Chamber of Commerce

“My daughter is addicted to your Tutti Frutti granola. She basically ate the whole package in 5 days for breakfast. Since we went cereal free at the house to avoid sugars it is been a struggle to make her eat in the morning. I am really happy she found your product and she adores it!!! Super thank you!”
-Paulette Psi 

“Thank you for getting this product in at the Garden Market in Smiths Falls! Love the Tahitian Coconut and am looking forward to trying the other flavours!”
-Sheri Seabrook 

“You must try this all natural nut-free, egg-free, soy-free, dairy-free locally made granola and trail mix!”
-Profile Kingston Magazine

“Their granola is delicious. I tried the Matcha and Cranberry Pumpkin Seed varieties, and both were so good I couldn't help but devour it.”
-Ceara Anderson

"One of my first visits was with Ripe In Your Neighborhood . She had a great artisan granola with her that was to die for. I have never tasted granola THIS good. I was really impressed that one of granolas was vegan and honestly, probably the best vegan granola I have ever tasted. Please check out the website and see where you can get this granola, because you want to try this"
-The Country Vegan! 





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