Delicious granola with yogurt, your favorite milk, or by the handful.

This scrumptious granola is egg-free, dairy-free, high in fibre, and has no artificial flavors or colors. Urban Hippie Granola is made with whole grains meaning that it will keep you full for longer than sugary, processed foods, while still tasting sweet. Enjoy it for breakfast, lunch, after a workout, on a hike with friends, or give it to kids as a school snack.

Every batch of granola that is handcrafted by Urban Hippie is non-GMO approved, meaning that none of our ingredients are genetically modified, because we believe that the most natural granola is the best granola!

Shoppers can buy Urban Hippie Granola online via our secure Shopify website under "Products", at select retailers, and at any of the many trade shows and expositions that we attend throughout the year. Sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date with events we will be attending!  

Enjoy your bag of Urban Hippie Granola today. We will ship your order right to your door so you can enjoy a relaxing and nutritious start to your day.

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